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Thursday, October 28th, 2010
7:56 pm
Emily Marilyn hosts The Hollywood Bondage Ball Oct 30th
This Saturday October 30th I am hosting the Hollywood Bondage Ball wearing my brand spanking new rubber ensemble courtesy of VEX CLOTHING. Live entertainment for the evening is by my very own partner in crime, Eric Razo, with his psycho rock n' roll band HENCHMEN. Details below & to get your tix now visit the Hollywood Bondage Ball site.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
10:01 pm
My next event May 15th SPANK ~ Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Spank is lucky enough to have the lovely Kitten of Kat Parties fame as our co-promoter (see http://www.katparties.com.au). Go pussy kats!!

After 3 years of Perth parties, we now invite Melbourne to come play ‘Doctors & Nurses’ with us. Just remember, it’s all about the kinky outfits dahlings – dress up or stay home!!


For the very first time in Melbourne, we give you the gorgeous international fetish & latex model Emily Marilyn (pictured on the poster) in ‘Malpractice Burlesque’. Check her out at http://www.emilymarilyn.com.

Other shows: ‘SpermMan’ TM (the hero of Transgression city!) by Axel West – drool over this fit fetish model at http://www.modelmayhem.com/1305518!

Fetishistas by Marquis de Sade

Sado BJ & Pepper

Plus: Marquis de Sade stall – Dungeon run by Mistress Pris for light BDSM play (no needleplay or breaking of skin) – Gasmask Goth Go-Go dancers – Portrait photos by Warped Photography http://warped-photography.com – Free latex-polishing corner c/o Arkie14!

Fantastic BEST-OUTFIT PRIZES from D.vote, Eagle Leather, Marquis de Sade and SexyLand.


Theme or ‘regular’ kinkwear – see dress code & rules on home page to avoid disappointment. Theme dressup encouraged but not compulsory. We want to see deviant doctors, naughty nurses, sexy scrubs, camo army nurses, straightjackets, barely-bandaged bods, surreal surgeons, perverted patients etc!

Bare boobs and bums are fine, but no private bits please! No liquid fake blood to be brought into venue. Absolute bare minimum for men would be black pants & sexy singlet TEAMED WITH alternative jewellery, fabulous skin/hair art or kinky/costume accessories. No dress shirts, jeans, t-shirts etc – Spank is proudly a ‘basic black-free zone’!!

Shop till you drop!… try

D.Vote http://www.dvote.com

Eagle Leather http://eagleleather.com.au

Marquis de Sade http://www.marquisdesade.com.au

SexyLand http://www.sexyland.com.au or


Valid photo ID required by venue for ALL AGES (18-81!) on entry. See home page for more details.


Electro, indie dance & dirty house c/o DJs Dannimac, Kapitolina, Mali, Smudj & Tintin. Spread over two floors, you can expect an edgy, darker sound in the upstairs dungeon area, with the main dance floor downstairs cranking up the tempo and mood to get your kinky wriggle on!

VENUE: Martini Lounge, 229 Queensberry St, Carlton, Melbourne – the old ‘Dream’ nightclub completely reborn!

TIME: 10pm – 5am

TICKETS: $40 +b/f till end Sun 2 May, then $50+b/f. Door $55.

From outlets Bang Clothing ( 03 9521 3544 03 9521 3544), Eagle Leather (03 9417 2100), Marquis de Sade ( 03 9578 4417 03 9578 4417), Wildilocks @ The Lock Works ( 03 9642 3384 03 9642 3384).

Or FOR SECURE ONLINE BUYING just click on the Eventix logo below:

Friday, June 5th, 2009
9:17 pm
Torture Garden comes to LA June 6th!

Tomorrow night JUNE 6 I am hosting & performing at "Sin Alley" ~ a mega hot fetish event INSIDE the world famous Ink-N-Iron tattoo convention held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach! To help me kick off the best fetish event LA has seen we are bringing out Torture Garden from London. David TG will be spinning throughout the night and Viktoria is putting on the TG fashion show. Eden Wells is performing a sexy fetish show right before the Genitorturers go on. I am the gand finale at 1AM directly after the Genitorturers.

This is held in the GRAND BALLROOM on the Queen Mary ship. 9Pm onward.

I will be decked out in latex by Vex Clothing! myspace.com/vexclothing

More info- ink-n-iron.com
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
8:11 pm
New Blog online & Bondage Ball May 24th
http://emilysblog.net - New blog online & fully updated

May 24th I am hosting The Bondage Ball in Hollywood with live musical performance by LA favorites the Henchmen. There is a military theme at this sexy event.

May 24th, The Bondage Ball

$20 Online
Henry Fonda Theatre
6126 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles CA 90028
9:00pm - 3:00am 18 & Over
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
8:04 pm
"e-Rotic" on Playboy TV airs tonight
Playboy TV has a brand new show called "e-Rotic". My episode is the debut of the entire season! Watch how I shoot content for my website, run my site, and see my bad ass high heel collection. There is footage shot during a photo shoot for my site and an interview in my fetish lair in front of my high heel collection. I talk about being a sensation slut and how I'm addicted to all things fetish. Check your local listings. It looks like it debuts tonight and will replay all through the week.

Playboy TV listings
Sunday, March 15th, 2009
11:55 pm
Fetish Girls @ Bordello & The Texas Fetish Ball March 28th!
Last night I performed my Marie Antoinette fetish burlesque show at the Fetish Girls Burlesque & Cabaret night put on by Courtney Cruz at Bordello Bar in Dowtown Los Angeles. I have been there before when it was packed but I think last night takes the cake! It was wall to wall people! You could barely move an inch through the crowd. It was a smashing mix of people. Normally I perform at fetish events so it's fun and interesting for me to perform in front of a crowd that isn't necessarily accustomed to the fetish theme. I was the grand finale of the night after Smokin Mary Jane, Courntey Cruz, CeCe LaRue, Kitty Cadillac, and Miss Mia Vixen performed. All the girls were hot, sweet, and gorgeous! I did a new number that has a Marie Antoinette theme with a fetish and bondage twist. I had first done this show at the Austin Fetish Ball though I didn't have props involved. It's always a struggle to send my big, heavy props out of state to the events I perform at. This time I went all out and my right hand man, Eric Razo customized used furniture we picked up into beautiful and kinky stage props to be used in this one show (Craigslist & Salvation Army, HOT!). This has been our week long escapade of transforming old antique, beat up used furniture into a fetishy theme and look. I'm calling this fetish burlesque performance "Let them eat cake!". I ran into many old faces, friends of mine i have known for 10 years plus out at Bordello last night. I want to give a big fat thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. I host and perform at many events around the world yet I rarely do in Los Angeles. I'd love to start doing it more as I would have an absolute blast coming up with unique stage props that turn into bondage contraptions! My "Let them eat cake" show costume was custom made for me by the amazing Laura from Vex Clothing. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her. She makes my shows a hit!

March 28th I will be hosting and performing at the Texas Fetish Ball in Houston, TX! If you are in the area, or just want to come to Texas to party with me then by all means, let's have some fun! I am thrilled that I was asked to host this amazing party. I will be in Houston March 27 - 29. To hire me for a fan shoot or fetish session send me an email on my contact form. I'm booking up pretty fast so jump on it now!

I posted new auction listings this evening over at my AbiBids seller's list (18+ link). Take a look, you will like what you see. Any special requests of future auction listings, just tell me! Don't forget my fetish shop emilyshop.net is up and running at full speed too!
Thursday, March 12th, 2009
12:03 am
New happenings in my world!
More info of my hot site updates over at my official blog - emilysblog.net

Don't forget this Saturday I am performing at Bordello Bar in Los Angeles for Fetish Girls Burlesque & Cabaret night! My amazing stage costume by Vex Clothing!

13 minute video clip called "The Black Room". This is a fetish I have never tapped into before ~ Vampire Erotica!

I posted my braces and bondage fetish video clip up on my Clips4Sale shop! This is a 12 minute custom clip I shot featuring 2 major fetishes, bondage and braces! Great close ups of my teeth in rubber bands.

57 fetish pix shot by Sean McCall called "High Heel Lover". Dang, I love these heels! My hot rubber dress made by Vex Clothing!

63 pix Eric & I shot at my new studio! This set gets very steamy.

"Naughty Soles" ~ 58 pix online. Major foot fetish fun shot by Christine Kessler from MyFetishDiary.com
Friday, March 6th, 2009
12:27 am
EmilyShop.net now live!
I am now processing credit card orders through my store front and fetish shop - emilyshop.net! I am offering photo shoot memorabilia, DVD’s, magazines, video downloads (to come), used shoes, pantyhose, stockings, wigs! It’s your one stop for your Emily Marilyn fetish needs.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009
10:34 pm
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
7:58 pm
Recent updates on my site!
I took time off the last 7 days because of the PRK LASIK procedure I had last Wednesday. The recovery was a bit tough but I am finally back at my computer and back dating my website, emilymarilyn.com. While you are at it, bookmark my official blog emilysblog.net!

February 25 update is a 12 minute video clips called "BodyXcape" shot by Sean McCall. This video is also listed in my Clips4Sale shop.

February 18 photo gallery update - 25 pix shot by fitness photographer Rob Sims. I'm in a hot red bob wig in this set.

February 14 update, my Valentine's Day special. 29 fetish pix shot by Barry Underhill. I'm in a very bright pink rubber dress made for me by Vex Clothing.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
5:03 pm
Friday, February 20th, 2009
8:22 pm
Lasik times 3
Hi everyone. I've been quite for a dew days because I've had a 3rd lasik procedure done. This time on my right eye. The Dr. decided on not relifting the flap that was created in the first procedure. Instead he scraped the cells off the layer of my eyeball and lasered the exposed eye and put a replacement lens on top. The cells are expected to grow back underneath the contact lens. I went in yesterday for a check up and the Dr. said everything looks fine and he can take the lens off on monday. My vision in my right eye is exceptionally blurry right now. It's like looking through a stand glass window. I've been told to keep it very lubricated and I've been putting 4 different drops in my eye. It's quite uncomfortable and I've been keeping it shut for the most part. It's been impossible for me to be at the computer, this is actually the first time since I had it done this week that I have been at the computer. My eye is sensitive to light and so I've been wearing the dark sunglasses that the dr. gave me. I have a feeling I will be out all weekend. I've been sleeping in these aviator looking goggles. It looks like I'm about to take off and fly across the Atlantic every time I get ready for bed or to take a nap. I'm staying at Eric's house since he lives close to the Dr's office, he is on tour with Frenzy right now so I'm just kinda hanging out. I'm not confident to try driving especially at night - and it's already 8pm. Plus it's Oscar weekend so driving into Hollywood will probably be insane since I live down the street from where at Oscars are hosted, at the Kodak Theater. The last 2 times the procedure was lifting the flap and the recovery seemed faster, this time since the layer of cells have to grow back I'm not seeing an improvement it's just a lot more burry. Granted, the Dr. told me this is to be expected and to give it a week. But gosh darn, that's a long time!
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
10:22 pm
Images from my first shoot in my studio! Feb 16, 2009
I shot my very first photo shoot yesterday at my brand new 1200 sq ft studio! Eric and I picked up a couple rolls of colored seamless' and brought in my kinky bondage bed for the special occasion. The selection I'm posting is strictly PG! I'm shackled and in ballet heels with the extreme arch. 2 forms of b o n d a g e and it was all my idea ;-)

Photos by Eric Razo

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
7:34 pm
6:24 pm
Vex Clothing sample sale - ending soon!
Vex Clothing is having a Sample Sale! I remember the last time Vex Clothing had a sale like this, and I will attest - you will REGRET not taking up the opportunity to buy, buy, buy!!

The Vex Studio is busting at the seams, so we are cleaning
house and selling all of our old Samples and show pieces on ebay.
Now is the time to buy that item you have been drooling over!
We will be add more pieces everyday so keep checking back.

Monday, December 22nd, 2008
2:09 pm
Bondage Ball, Bar Sinister, House Shopping & Photo shooting
This weekend was absolute mayhem full of debauchery! Friday night I made my special appearance at the Bondage Ball in Hollywood. My friend Kip flew in from Atlanta just for the party! My girlfriend Diana picked us up after having a couple cocktails at my place. I was dressed in a custom corset and matching skirt in red and white lace by Ivy’s Custom Corsets in Michigan. I modeled for Ivy’s Corsets at the first Exotica, Detroit event I hosted in April. It is the perfect Christmas themed outfit! I spent the evening running around the Henry Fonda Theater with Kip and Diana. Many fans of mine introduced themselves all evening and I took numerous photos! The end of the night got a tad bit crazy… lets just say there was a lot of ball busting and nipple torture in the back stage dressing room. It was a FANTASTIC party.

Saturday night Kip, Eric and I had dinner at Mexico City here in Los Feliz and hit up Bar Sinister in Hollywood. I haven’t been to Bar Sinister in eons mainly because there is a line down the street and when I’m in latex without a coat standing in the line is the last thing I want to do. I was completely shocked and impressed once entering. They revamped the entire club! It’s like walking into a gothic cathedral. We all danced the night away on the dance floor. I took endless photos with fans and even ran into a couple club promoters inviting me to host and perform at their upcoming events. At one point I was dragged up onto the go-go box by an in house gothic go-go dancer. I still have a sexy bruise on my ass from where she bit me! :-P

Sunday morning Kip went down to meet with a sales agent for a townhouse I am dying to purchase. I had no idea that Kip is not only a general contractor… I mean, he literally builds houses! He is also a realtor! Uncle Kip, who dresses up in the most flamboyant eccentric fetish costumes can help me with home loans! Brilliant! He asked all sorts of questions to the sales rep - questions I never even thought of to inquire! We both left with a thousand page contract. Doh. I haven’t put my down payment yet but I may soon. Afterwards I hit my gym in Hollywood, burned 1000 calories like a maniac, grabbed my suitcases at home and ran over to Sean McCalls. We shot 2 SEXY interviews and a “bodyscape” video.
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
7:48 pm
My Christmas wishlist & Bondage Ball this Friday Dec 19!
My Christmas wishlist is now online at Things I Want!. For more info visit my blog at emilysblog.net

I'm making a special and kinky appearance this Friday Dec 19 at the Bondage Ball at the Henry Fonda Theater. Come party with me in leather locking straps, big red ball gags, and tightly bound white rope!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
7:47 pm
Emily Marilyn is Hot in Pantyhose
Teaser clip of me in my hot Wolfords posted on my YouTube channel

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
4:39 pm
Emily Marilyn is "Vampy in Black"
I shot this video just 2 days ago. This is a teaser edit off of the full 8 minute movie. I'm in all black wearing full fashioned black back seam stockings, 8" spiked platform high heels, brocade corset, French lingerie, and a hot mini over coat.

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
9:20 pm
Emily Marilyn is Raging in Purple Latex
My latest teaser update on my YouTube channel
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